Carroll-Backed Legislation Expanding Mental Health Care Training in Schools Now Law.

Press release printed by the Lake County Gazette on 10/28/19. Link to original article may be found HERE.

Illinois State House District 57 issued the following announcement on Oct. 22

State Rep. Jonathan Carroll, D-Northbrook, continued to push for accessible medical treatment for all Illinois with his support of a new law expanding mental health care training in all schools.

“We need to ensure our schools are equipped to provide support for any students who are dealing with mental illness,” Carroll said. “Accessible health care is one of the most important things we can give to our kids, so it is critical that the people responsible for their wellbeing know how to respond to these all-too-common problems. In the past, mental health care has been treated as a secondary issue that only warrents a few trained specialists in a school. It’s time for that to change.”

Carroll sponsored Senate Bill 1731, which requires all school personnel responsible for kids in Kindergarten through 12th grade be trained to handle mental health issues. These issues include depression, bipolar disorder and substance abuse, among others. This legislation receive strong bipartisan support and is now law.

“I’m committed to building a stronger, fairer Illinois, and that means providing a health care system with the resources to assist everyone,” Carroll said. “Health care isn’t limited to doctors and nurses, it includes therapists, social workers and even teachers. This law will provide our educators with the tools and training to help students facing mental illness.”

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