Carroll Government Consolidation, Tax Relief Bill Passes House

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from State Representative Jonathan Carroll

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Carroll Government Consolidation, Tax Relief Bill Passes House

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – Continuing his efforts to scale back the size and number of units of local government, and to reduce skyrocketing property taxes, state Rep. Jonathan Carroll, D-Northbrook, passed bipartisan consolidation legislation out of Illinois the House of Representatives.

“It is no secret that high property taxes are forcing people out of Illinois, and this is mainly caused by the ridiculous number of local taxing bodies,” said Carroll. “My bill gives people an easier way to dissolve local townships with a streamlined petition process, which can help lower property taxes.”

Carroll’s House Bill 348 aims to empower local residents to petition their local township board to dissolve it. Currently, 10 percent of the township’s residents must sign a petition to put a question on the subsequent general election’s ballot to initiate township dissolution. Under this legislation, the petition requirement substantially reduced to only 250 signatures, or five percent of the ballots cast in the previous general election. Carroll’s bill passed the Illinois House with bipartisan support, and advances to the Illinois Senate.

While this bill affects McHenry County residents, Carroll’s goal is to support efforts that reduce duplicative governmental taxing bodies and property taxes.

“Rep. Jonathan Carroll is a true champion for property tax relief for his residents and the rest of Illinois’ taxpayers,” said Rep. David McSweeney, R-Barrington Hills. “I have worked closely with him on important reforms that consolidate unnecessary units of local government and cut property taxes. I look forward to our continued work to solve Illinois’ biggest problems.”


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