Carroll introduces bill to prohibit loans for pet purchases

Original article written by Dave Oberhelman for the Daily Herald on March 15th, 2023. To find the original article please click HERE.


In an announcement March 14 by 57th District state Rep. Jonathan Carroll (D-Northbrook), a bill he introduced and advanced would close a loophole often used by unscrupulous dog breeders, he said.

House Bill 3236 would prohibit finance companies from offering or engaging in installment loans or other loan transactions related to the sale or purchase of a companion animal. Companies that do enter into those loans would have no right under state law to enforce the agreement.

The Northbrook representative explained in the announcement that the bill is aimed at puppy mills and disreputable breeding operations that charge high prices, causing purchasers to take out loans.

The goal is that without the ability to enter into loans those breeders would be less profitable and less likely to continue breeding practices in which animals are abused.

“What this bill is about is stopping a small minority of people from continuing to shamelessly inflict harm in their heedless rush to enrich themselves no matter the cost,” Carroll stated in the release.

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