Carroll Tackles Property Tax Relief through Government Consolidation Committee

Press release published to the Lake County Gazette 9/23/19. Link to article may be found HERE

Illinois State House District 57 issued the following announcement on Sept. 17

Fighting to provide more tax relief for local families through his newly created Property Tax Relief Task Force, state Rep. Jonathan Carroll, D-Northbrook, will serve as the chair of the Government Consolidation subcommittee to examine thousands of bureaucratic governmental entities that inflate middle-class families’ property taxes.

“I pledged to my constituents that I would work to lower property taxes, and eliminating duplicative units of government will help ease the tax burden,” said Carroll. “Families in my district already pay too much, and they deserve a break. My work from this committee will generate bipartisan solutions to reducing property taxes for homeowners across Illinois.”

Carroll has led the charge for property tax relief in Springfield, and the latest reform he passed was Senate Bill 1932, which created the Property Tax Relief Task Force. The task force consists of seven subcommittees proposing various solutions for direct property tax relief. Carroll chairs the Government Consolidation subcommittee where he and other lawmakers will examine township elimination, shared services between municipalities and more.

Carroll also supported other property tax relief measures like the Property Tax Relief Fund, a township dissolution measure and a balanced budget that better funds schools, easing the heavy local reliance on property taxes, and a new law that creates a five-year pilot program designed to ease the application process for the Senior Homestead Exemption for Cook County seniors.

“Illinois has taken great steps this year to address one of its most crushing problems, and now Republicans and Democrats must work together to propose those solutions,” said Carroll. “We owe it to middle-class families to lower these taxes and finally do what is right for them.”

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