Illinois bans smoking in cars with minors present, WI lawmaker proposes the same

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(WQOW)- It will soon be illegal to smoke with kids in the car in Illinois.

A local lawmaker said he wants to see that law passed here in Wisconsin.

Starting June 1, people caught smoking with minors in their vehicle could face a fine of $100, and the fines go up if it keeps happening in Illinois.

Wisconsin State Representative Jesse James (R-Altoona) said there’s a lot of language in the Illinois law he would change to make it more clear if it was ever implemented here.

In Illinois an officer can’t pull someone over for smoking with minors in the car, they can only get fined if the officer stops them for something else, and tacks on the smoking violation.

James said he would change that.

“Their language does not specifically state anything about e-cigarettes, vaping devices or anything that is a battery-operated device where you inhale something through it,” James said. “I would definitely include that language plain as day due to the recent impacts vaping has had in our country.”

James said he’s interested in talking more with Illinois Representative Jonathan Carroll who sponsored the new law.

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