Thoughts and Prayers

This past week has seen the worst from our country. From a decorated police officer being gunned down in Chicago to the 17 innocent victims from Parkland, the cycle of violence continues.

After these and other tragic events, we always hear “my thoughts and prayers are with you.” Quite frankly, it is getting old. We are almost twenty years out from Columbine, and it is clear that this will not suffice. We need to make this stop. We need to do more. We can and have to do better.

I don’t like that every morning when I put my two children on the bus, I have to hope that this isn’t the day that someone with a piece of metal that is designed to kill decides to walk into Brooke and/or Asher’s school and do the unthinkable. I don’t like that there are many other families feeling the same way. There is no way around it, we are failing our duty to keep our citizens safe.

The day after the Parkland tragedy, I heard from many of you about your concerns and fears. I stand with you. I am fed up and this needs to stop!

As your State Representative, I ask you to stay informed and connected. If you have an issue, reach out to my office. Let me know how you’re feeling. I want to hear from you. We all need to hear from you. The reason the we have this broken system is that the NRA and its followers are extremely effective at pressuring legislators. We need to be reminded that the majority of Americans are in favor of common-sense protections, with some policies polling between 85%-90%.

In Springfield, we are working on legislation to ban assault rifles, bump stocks and explosives. We are also trying to hold gun dealers more responsible. The time has come for us to act. I would suggest that if I am not your representative, that you reach out and ask your representative how he/she feels on these issues. Make your voices heard!

Thoughts and prayers are wonderful concepts. But for the parents, families, friends of all of this week’s victims, these do nothing to solve our problem. The time to act is now!

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