Why I will not support Michael J Madigan

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My name is Jonathan Carroll, and I’m your State Representative. Thank you for signing up for our email service, I hope to continue to use this newsletter as a way of consistently updating my constituents on what is going on in Springfield and around our district. The 57th District is comprised of Arlington Heights, Buffalo Grove, Des Plaines, Glenview, Mount Prospect, Northbrook, Palatine, Prospect Heights, and Wheeling. I wanted to write you today to share my thoughts on my announcement yesterday.

I want to thank all of you for sending me back to Springfield for the 102nd General Assembly. It’s hard to believe that this will be my third term and I promise to give you my best these next two years. Whether you supported me or not, I’ll always be available.


Yesterday (11/19), I released a statement that I will not be supporting Michael J. Madigan for speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives. With my statement, he’s now below the 60 votes he needs to retain his speakership.


Does this mean he won’t be Speaker? That depends mostly if things remain as they do today. He has indicated that he plans on remaining a candidate, and if he’s able to earn the 60 votes, he will return in that role (he won re-election for his 22nd District so even if he doesn’t return as Speaker, he can still return as a member of the General Assembly). My decision is final and he has lost my support.


I’ve always been very open and honest with you, so I wanted to discuss this decision in greater depth. Despite what you read and hear about Madigan, we’ve always maintained a good relationship. He’s never pressured me to vote on legislation and is understanding when we disagree.


In recent months, Madigan’s name was connected to the type of politics all of us hate. While Madigan hasn’t been charged with a crime, individuals from his inner-circle aren’t so lucky. On 11/18, Federal Prosecutors named four individuals in connection to legislation from 2016 (before I took office) allowing ComEd to raise rates and profit off this process. Madigan continues to plead his innocence despite this evidence.


While this might be the legal standard, this isn’t my standard. Let’s presume the Speaker isn’t guilty as he suggests. The fact that we have to even have this conversation is enough doubt on his ability to be Speaker going forward. It angers me that this happened on his watch and I don’t trust him anymore.


Over these next few months, finding the right speaker is my priority. I enter this process with an open mind. These next few years managing the current and future fallouts from COVID-19 is going to be a monumental task. We need leadership who understands this challenge and has the full support and trust of my caucus.


I know 2020 has been a difficult year for countless reasons. While my favorite time is Thanksgiving with my family, like many others we will have to celebrate in less-traditional ways. It makes me really appreciate the better times that are ahead.


May G-d bless and keep you safe and healthy this holiday season.

Best Wishes,

Jonathan Carroll
State Representative
57th District

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